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Thursday Morning Roundtable - Housing the Vulnerable and Homeless

March 2: Serving the Housing Vulnerable and HomelessThis session, featuring Mike Melara, CEO of Catholic Charities of Onondaga County, will focus on the new Housing Services Center for…

From  Jake Losowski 38 plays

Theo Cateforis - "Alternative to What?”: Mainstreaming the Margins in 1990s Rock

Alternative rock arose from the 1980s American underground to become one of the 1990s’s best-selling musical phenomena. However, the music’s move into the mainstream proved to be deeply…

From  Theo Cateforis 33 plays

Natalie El-Eid, "Transnational Druze and Reincarnation: Remembering, Recording, and Reconnecting"

My name is Natalie El-Eid and I am a Ph.D. candidate in the English department at Syracuse University. For the 2022-23 academic year, I have the honor of being a Humanities Center Dissertation…

From  Natalie El-Eid 46 plays

Books in the Humanities [Copyright years 2019-2020-2021]

This digital slide show loops through three sets of "Books in the Humanities" collections, which accompanied our return to 'in-person' celebrating on May 2, 2022, following two…

From  Diane Drake 7 plays

CNY Humanities Corridor Spring CFP Info Session - Mar. 4, 2022

To accompany our Spring Call for Proposals (submissions due March 28, 2022), administrators from the CNY Humanities Corridor welcome interested faculty and academic staff from Corridor institutions…

From  Shelby Rodger 27 plays

Gareth Fisher, Temples and Teahouses: Buddhism and Secularity in Xi Jinping's China

This short presentation explores the evolution of secularization in China by introducing an ethnographic study of four Buddhist temples and two teahouses.

From  Gareth Fisher 27 plays

Community Dynamics in Contested Space: Documenting the Legacies of the Fifteenth Ward in Syracuse, NY

The destruction of Syracuse’s Fifteenth Ward persists in the living memory of many residents today. Through my Humanities New York Public Fellowship, I am working to create an interactive…

From  Dana Olesch 70 plays

Garland - Grief and (a Broader) Practical Identity

It feels like I lost a part of myself” is a widespread expression of grief. It may sound metaphorical, afterall, surely no person is part of another the way a leg is part of a chair, or a…

From  Carolyn Garland 36 plays

Not Appropriate for Children: Single Mothers in Higher Education

Presentation Script: Slides: on survey data from 116 single moms and interviews with 7 of them, this narrative-style…

From  Alex Hanson 66 plays

Looking Back, Looking Forward: Choices, Careers and Living Black History

In this inaugural event launching P. Gabrielle Foreman's 2021 Jeannette K. Watson Distinguished Visiting Professorship at the Syracuse University Humanities Center, "#DigBlk: The Art of…

From  Lynsey Riffle 82 plays

Jim Watts, Imagining the Economics of Jubilee: Utopia Before and After Utopias

Watts’ career-long research on the biblical book of Leviticus now hones in on chapter 25. It contains utopian legislation for resetting agriculture, land transactions, and slavery every 50…

From  James Watts 55 plays

Agitating, Educating, Organizing: Historicizing Transformative Justice in Education

Maisha T. Winn, 2020 Jeannette K. Watson Distinguished Visiting Professor in the Humanities, explores how the Black Arts Movement and Independent Black Institutions (IBIs) cultivated and celebrated…

From  Vivian May 11 plays

Will Scheibel, "Gene Tierney: 'The Girl in the Portrait'"

This video offers a short introduction to my current book project, Out of a Misty Dream: Gene Tierney, Female Stardom, and Hollywood's Homefront, which I am completing as a 2021 SU Humanities…

From  Will Scheibel 80 plays